CannPal presents results on medicinal cannabinoids for dogs

Dr Margaret Curtis, CannPal

Dr Margaret Curtis, CannPal

CannPal’s Dr Margaret Curtis presented at the 2019 AVA (Australian Veterinary Association) Innovation, Research and Development Symposium on Sunday, 5th May 2019. She presented the company’s Phase I research results for CPAT-01, in development for pain & inflammation control in dogs. The results will be published in the Australian Veterinary Journal.

Dr Curtis commented: “The Innovation Symposium was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the breadth and depth of CannPal’s research to the veterinary fraternity in Australia.”

Invetus partnered with CannPal on this important research, and a former staff member is recognised as a co-author on the paper - Dr Christie Budd, previously Research Leader at Wongaburra Research Centre. Medicinal cannabis products are cutting edge therapies, with both veterinary and human health applications, and the pharma industry has shown a lot of interest.

To read the ASX press release from CannPal on Phase I research results for CPAT-01, please click here.

We are delighted the results met CannPal’s expectations and hope to continue our research partnership.