Invetus sets the standard in animal research: Any species. Any degree of rigour. Any area of animal health.

  • Invetus is a reliable, independent company that provides high quality, private, animal health research work, tailored to individual client needs.

  • Invetus has the capacity, expertise and experience to successfully conduct research in animals throughout Australia in purpose designed facilities or through field studies located on co-operator properties.

  • Invetus understands the requirements for confidential, timely and cost-effective research in today's and tomorrow's market place.

  • Invetus is able to de-risk and potentially reduce time to Phase 1 trials for human therapeutics. Invetus can complete preclinical trials in large mammal species including sheep, pigs and dogs.

Invetus production animal research


For companies developing new veterinary products, Invetus offers world class research capabilities coupled with state of the art animal research facilities. Whether it is companion or production animal medications, treatments or pet foods, Invetus can add value to any research and development process, as your professional R&D partner.

Invetus has considerable experience in designing, locating, managing and reporting efficacy, residue, safety and production studies, and continues the legacy of the founding companies as a provider of high quality, independent contract research within the veterinary research world. All studies are designed specifically to satisfy international, commonwealth and state registration requirements.

Invetus understands the extensive time and cost in progressing an investigational molecule to  first human clinical trials. Invetus can assist in reducing that cost and time, with world class research capability, potentially coupled with attractive tax incentives. We offer large mammal preclinical trials in areas such as oncology, pain management and inflammation. Spontaneous cancers in companion animals (comparative oncology) are being used more to de-risk and reduce the cost for human therapeutics.

The Invetus team provides a complementary mixture of skill sets and extensive experience in a wide range of fields, with a demonstrated ability to run successful veterinary studies. We believe the combination of staff and facilities, provide Invetus (and our customers) with world class, veterinary research capabilities.


  • Bio-equivalence
  • Clinical Studies
  • Crop residue depuration
  • Dose determination
  • Dose confirmation
  • Laboratory studies
  • Medical devices – evaluation in appropriate animal model
  • Milk and tissue residue studies in food-producing animals
  • Milk depletion
  • Palatability
  • Digestibility
  • Ectoparasite studies, including paralysis tick, brown dog tick, cattle tick, flea, lice and buffalo fly
  • Endoparasite studies
  • Pharmacokinetic / Pharmacodynamic
  • Product efficacy
  • Production
  • Safety
  • Target animal safety (TAS) studies
  • Tissue residue studies
  • Tolerance
  • Toxicology of compounds with biological activity
  • Vaccine studies
  • Wool residues


  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Sheep
  • Cattle
  • Horses
  • Pigs
  • Chickens
  • Goats and alpacas
  • Deer


  • Anaesthesia
  • Analgesia
  • Behaviour
  • Biometrics
  • Cardiology
  • Dentistry
  • Dermatology
  • Medicine
  • Microbiology
  • Oncology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Palatability and nutrition
  • Parasitology
  • Pathology
  • Pharmacology
  • Surgery
  • Vaccines / Immunology


  • GLP
  • GCP
  • GMP
  • Field monitoring
  • Post market surveillance


Invetus operates state-of-the-art facilities at its various locations. These include

  • Purpose built animal houses, with facilities for containing large and small animals

  • A purpose built Diagnostic Laboratory (with gross pathology, parasitology and microbiology) and post mortem room

  • Three hundred hectares of open grazing paddocks

  • Indoor sheep and cattle pens (including over 100 individual sheep pens and individual cattle pens, as well as isolation pens)

  • Several feedlots and cattle pen facilities

  • Research piggery

  • Poultry broiler and laying sheds

  • Purpose built dog and cat facilities

  • Outdoor horse facilities and stables

  • Access to independent dairy milking farms

  • Access to a deer farm





We offer a range of services to assist the generation of high quality, timely research that is fit for purpose.

  • Expert consultation/input prior to finalising design of projects, or of a whole research stream

  • Design, development, implementation and management of pre-clinical programs and plans

  • Protocol design, conduct and management of clinical studies

  • Management of data processing/data management activities

  • Generation of descriptive statistical analyses of data to summarise laboratory studies and safety implications for trials.

  • Production of integrated statistical study reports

  • Pre-project risk assessments, and post-project reviews

  • Strategic input to research portfolio design and deployment

  • Pre-clinical studies for human health molecules

In all cases, we treat our customers and sponsors as partners, including them, and communicating with them at every step of the way.


Quality is of paramount importance in the conduct of today’s animal health research, and Invetus has extensive experience conducting research to GCP and GLP standards. A specialist quality assurance unit oversees the quality systems throughout Invetus, to ensure all research is conducted to the appropriate standard. For clinical research this is either Good Laboratory Practice or Good Clinical Practice standards. Additionally, Australian and international regulatory authorities require research trials that are conducted to VICH standards and national guidelines; Invetus complies with those requirements.


Confidentiality is not negotiable, and is a given for our clients and projects – we routinely work with a range of clients, some of whom have competing molecules from time to time. We will discuss any particular requirements you may have and are happy to sign appropriate confidentiality agreements as required.


The integrity of data collection is maintained by strict protocols and chain of custody. We ensure data collection of clinical information, test reports, x-rays and other documentation is maintained in a form that can be confidentially presented to the regulatory authorities.


Unique benefits for clients with global research requirements, or global multi-centre trial designs

Competitive Pricing - Australia’s and New Zealand's efficient and low cost production systems enable significant savings in animal purchasing, housing and management relative to running studies in North America and Europe. Some types of research may qualify for government R&D incentives. 

Favourable Exchange Rates - Favourable rates make Australia and New Zealand an economically attractive base for studies

Disease Free Status - Freedom from several diseases means research in Australasia is unaffected by costs and restrictions which apply as a result of disease in other parts of the world

Access to world class pre-clinical facilities at premier institutions

Communication – technological advances mean that working with colleagues in Australia and New Zealand are now as connected as the office next door.

Regulatory Environment - Australia and New Zealand have a favourable regulatory environment, and compliance costs associated with running research studies are low.Climate – A wide variety of climatic zones and production systems across Australia and New Zealand.

Production systems - are technically aligned with those in Europe and North America, thus research findings in Australia and New Zealand can be readily applied elsewhere.

Seasons - Utilising the contra-seasonal conditions in the southern hemisphere means that research studies can be run year round resulting in more rapid development of products.

Stable society and political system – both Australia and New Zealand are modern, stable western societies, with global banking systems and telecommunications, comparable to other major economies of the world.