Koalas at Armidale Research Centre

201709 Sleepy koala baby at ARC.JPG

This Mama and baby were seen recently at the Armidale Research Centre, and baby couldn't stay awake...all captured on film by one of our scientists, Jane Lamb - also a talented amateur photographer.

Cuddles with Mama.jpg

Well, Hello!

201709 Sleepy koala baby at ARC-001.JPG

Having a look around from the safety of Mama's arms...

More cuddles.jpg

Maybe I could snooze here

201709 Sleepy koala baby at ARC-002 copy.jpg

That looks like a better spot down there





Sound asleep.jpg

Sound asleep!

And in a moment of synchronicity, check out the latest on our publications page - one of our Research Veterinarians at Wongaburra Research Centre, Christie Budd, has just published a paper on a treatment for koalas...