“Happy and Healthy Pets are our Business!”

How can you and your pet help?

Invetus is involved in work that is critical to ensure the latest and best veterinary medicines and preventatives are registered as safe and effective for dogs and cats in Australia.

If your pet has a disease or condition, maybe you can help in the development of new treatments?

The Invetus Pet Network gives you the opportunity to contribute to the development of these new medicines to benefit your pet and others. If your pet has a disease or condition relevant to one of our studies you can apply for your pets to be part of the trial.

How does it work?

Step 1: Complete an Expression of Interest form.

This means you would be interested in hearing more about a research study where your pet might help develop new medicines or treatments.

If you’d like to do this, please click on the button below to register your details.

This will allow us to contact you when new studies are being prepared. It does NOT mean you are committed to participating - just that we’ll get in touch in case you are interested.

Step 2: Trial information

You will be sent an email with relevant information when new studies are recruiting volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, you live in the trial area and your pet is eligible, you will need to complete a trial registration form

Step 3: Trial registration

Complete the online registration form (a link to the online trial registration form will be provided in the email provided in step 2).\

Step 4: Owner and Pet Interview

You application form will be reviewed by our staff and you will be contacted for further discussion. This will be the opportunity for us to find out a little more about you and your pet, as well as the chance for you to ask any questions


Step 5: Acceptance

If we decide your pet is eligible and you are happy to continue and volunteer, you will be provided with the necessary sign up forms. If you don't wish to proceed, that's perfectly OK, we will keep you informed of other opportunities that may arise in the future.

Step 6: Treatment

The nature of the treatment will vary depending on the study, but free consultations, diagnostic tests and treatments are often available at your local vet if your pet is eligible and you wish to be part of this important work. There is also a pet voucher and free medication for every pet that completes one of our trials.

When we are recruiting for studies for cats or dogs, we’ll have a “sign up” button here. Watch this space!

The Invetus Pet Network in action

Perhaps the best way to get a feel for how it works and the benefits of involvement in this work is through some case studies...

Invetus Pet Network and 'Mouse' from Melbourne...

These MRI scans show the similarity of disease between a person (top set) and 'Mouse' (bottom set).

These MRI scans show the similarity of disease between a person (top set) and 'Mouse' (bottom set).

Mouse was a lovely old dog recruited in Melbourne in an Australia wide study to look at brain tumours as a model for the same disease in people. He was diagnosed with one of the nastiest brain tumours called a glioblastoma or glioma. Luckily he was able to have surgery by one of the top vet neurologists in Australia to reduce the tumour size which gave him some relief of his symptoms. Unfortunately, this disease is ultimately fatal in most dogs and people.

Invetus has teamed up with CSIRO to look at new therapies which can help both dogs and humans with this horrible disease - see our news article.


Invetus Pet Network helps vets help animals!

We love working with vets to help animals. Meet Yogi. She had a painful urinary tract infection. Her owners enrolled her in an Invetus trial with Moorooka Greencross, who helped her by providing full vet checks, antibiotics, and additional diagnostics and follow up checks to ensure she fully recovered.

Moorooka Vet Team.jpg

Your pet is in good hands...

Dr. Elizabeth Evans

Dr. Elizabeth Evans

Dr Elizabeth Evans, Director of Clinical Research, is a passionate vet who loves animals. She is in the business of helping to develop new medications so that dogs and cats in Australia can have the latest treatments. She works closely with many vets to study these new medications.

Invetus have a network of highly qualified vets around the country who support this critical work. There's a good chance one of these vets is based at a veterinary practice near you. The Balmain Veterinary Hospital (Sydney) is one such example where the three partners who own the practice support our work.

Dr. Steve Cooney, Dr. Jason Lenord and Dr. Nathan Harris at Balmain Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Steve Cooney, Dr. Jason Lenord and Dr. Nathan Harris at Balmain Veterinary Hospital