Do you have brown dog ticks on your property?
We need your help!

Brown dog ticks are a common problem on pets, particularly dogs. The Invetus Pet Network are carrying out new studies to evaluate new treatments for brown dog ticks. We need your help to collect brown dog ticks for use in these studies.

If you're in or around Cairns or Darwin, you may be able to help!

We'll pay you!

If you meet the eligibility criteria and are willing to participate, you can obtain benefits for yourself and your pet

For you

We'll pay between $0.30 and $1.00 per tick (depending on the number of ticks we find), so you could earn hundreds of dollars!

For your pet

After we have collected the ticks, we will provide a free 3 month tick treatment for your dog(s), which should control any on-pet infestation.

How do I know if I have brown dog ticks on my property?

Adult male brown dog tick

Adult male brown dog tick

  • Brown dog ticks preferentially feed on dogs but will feed on any mammals, including wildlife and humans.
  • The brown dog tick is red/brown in colour, with adult females around 3mm long, increasing to 12mm after a blood meal
  • After hatching the tick goes through larval and nymph stages before becoming an adult.
  • Larvae, nymphs and adults all look similar (although increasing in size), but the larvae have 3 pairs of legs and the nymphs and adults 4 pairs of legs
  • Ticks on the dog are often missed initially and the first signs of an infestation will often be seeing the ticks crawling up the walls and curtains of the rooms (also sheds / sub-floor) where the dog spends their time

Are you eligible?

  • You need to have brown dog ticks crawling around your property - to be collected from infested buildings, NOT from animals
  • We need lots of ticks, we are looking for properties which have hundreds of ticks
  • Any pets you have CANNOT have been recently treated for brown dog ticks
  • Your property CANNOT have been recently sprayed with insecticide (for brown dog tick or any other pest)
  • You need to allow an Invetus representative to collect ticks on your property

If you're interested in participating...

Step 1: Register your interest – Complete and submit the online form below

Step 2: Confirm your interest

One of the Invetus team will contact you to confirm your eligibility.
This will also be a chance for you to ask any questions.
Assuming you meet the eligibility criteria and have enough ticks, we'll arrange a time for the collection.

Step 3: Tick collection, payment and dog treatment

Name *
Do you have brown dog ticks crawling around your property
You should be able to see them on the walls, floors and cracks in the areas where your pet spends time; in the house, kennel, shed, sub-floor, etc
What level of infestation do you have?
Estimate the level of infestation based on the ticks you can actually see
Have your pets been treated recently for ticks?
Has your property been recently sprayed with insecticide for ticks or any other pest?

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